Sometimes you need to start from scratch. I have been on this page many times over the years trying to sum up “what is Urbanexpansion” and during those times I have searched the pervious versions wanting to copy-and-paste some statements and add new words to help describe the current version of the site.

This time it’s like I’m back in the kitchen, clearing out the pantry to make room for the new, fresh ingredients. Its compelling to mention what the site used to be, but now its better to just push forward. Just like you can not forget your past, in time I will include some of the old articles.

Urbanexpansion is my personal springboard for sharing and doing things across the Internet. It is an outlet to shared with friends, family, and the world my thoughts, media, ideas, and experiences. Urbanexpansion also serves as a document as my life evolve from single dude to husband and father.

Welcome to Urbanexpansion.