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    Mashed Potatoes, simple love

    Mashed potatoes could be as rustic or luxurious as you want. This version is the bare essentials without a care in the world for fat since heavy cream is the moistening agent for the lowly potato. Click to view the video Mashed Potatoes

    Lobster Bisque – The New Style: Version ONE

    For months I had been longing to make my first lobster bisque dish. I saved the heads from fresh lobsters I bought at this great supply spot in Chinatown. The time had come for the culinary and entertaining challenge. I knew that it was a rich and complex dish to create and I stepped up...

    Rhubarb-Blue Tart Sort of Pie

    Now during the summer months, one does not want to deal with too much fuss in the kitchen. It’s prime to enjoy the outdoors and the true simple pleasures of life; golden sunlight on your skin, pretty women with open toe shoes, and of course good food. A truly simple thing I’ve discovered has been...

    Ron’s Brooklyn New York Cheesecake

    I don’t remember exactly when cheesecake became my favorite dessert, but I know it was when I was a teenager. As a kid, I wondered why anyone wanted to make a cake out of cheese; an equally perplexing question was why anyone would want to make a cake out of carrots. I guess it all...