This year, the 5th of May arrived on a Monday so this event became a May 3rd joint, a Saturday – hence Tres De Mayo. My good mates, Steve and Anthony (as well as Mike and Kevin) opened up their Williamsburg space for a wonderful party. It was nearly a 12 hour event that started ’round 7pm and I think wrapped around 7am – of course there was break when we watched the (recorded) De La Hoya fight; and then passed out. But a revival occurred when Steve’s cousin, Anna and her husband Al came by. I think ‘around 4 or 5. The meat was reheated and for some reason drinks were poured.

One of the wonderful elements of having a Cinco De Mayo party is that the concept and menu are already constructed. So there was a Pinata (Sharra killed it), and a taco bar – fish, beef, and chicken. And of course tequila brightened the night (followed by Mezcal).

The party was the spark of spring and I’m looking forward to the Summer Solstice BBQ jam at Juliette and Camille’s. More to come.