After work, the weather was a perfect spring evening. I was getting together with three of my best mates to discuss the Tres de Mayo dinner party. Kirk met up with me at my part-time office job and we dashed off to rendezvous with Steve and Anthony.

The stroll from 26th St. to 32nd and crossing to 5th Avenue was pleasant; fueled by a bountiful selection of beautiful women in route in early spring time attire in view. It sparked the notion that this would be a proper good night.

I guess it was Steves idea to meet at the Red Roof Inn Bar & Lounge which isnt our regular type of spot; but the drinks are cheap (for Manhattan) and well thats important in a spot to start the night. After finishing out the Happy Hour, it was time to eat.

Well we were in Koreatown you know that 5 block area of lower midtown Manhattan bound by Broadway and 5th (I think). And we entered this spot Kunjip. The true sight of an authentic restaurant is when its locals dominate the space; and this was definitely what was going on at this spot.

The food was awesome!

We finally left and felt a bit thirsty so Steve recommended at spot that was off the beaten path or rather down this unassuming hallway, up the stairs, and give the password. Ok, so there really was no password, but that was the vibe. I dont know the name or even which unassuming hallway to enter in off of 32rd street, but the drinks were cheap, the staff friendly, and the environment locally authentic. I was introduced to something called Soju – a rice wine kind of liquor; very good.

So we didnt stumble down the stairs, but on our way to our diverging destinations at Penn Station, we finished of the night with a quintessential street food the infamous hot dog; a fitting end to a wonderful night.