“The possible is possible” – Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight

When the world rotates and exposes the Light, every morning the sun ignites the new. It continues to cast out the shadows of fear, sadness, and doubt. It highlights the opportunities and paths to transform dreams into reality.

It feels like a lifetime since scribbling down some inspired words in every morning (that would be part 1). Here I stand a bit older, wiser, and stronger as lifes upper cuts and roundhouse kicks have not destroyed me. This time around it is not about a mans dreams of love; it is much grander as it delves deeper into the individual internal human force. It is about purpose and refueling the energy that pushes us to transform those dreams into reality.

Currently the world of the northern hemisphere is wrapped in the sleep inducing winter months and for me things have dosed off into a welcomed quiet peace. It is a kind of hibernation designed to rest, rebuild, and restore. It has been a long toil so rest is appreciated. And it is now that ideas return into focus and plans are renewed with greater vigor and increase sense of urgency.

And during the daylight hours, when the sun shines, the required thing the simple spark is supreme; a tiny flame to stretch across a million miles and ignite the internal spark in my heart, mind, and soul. I call it a gift from God; you may choose a different marker. But is a truly one of the most powerful forces in nature. It is that thing that awakens me in the morning; keeps pushing and moving forward even when the finish line is unknown and obstructed by daily life. It is faith; knowing that the goal is around the next bend.

And when the night comes as the world rotates, I do not fear the darkness, do not dissolve into gloom. The gift remains a blaze and it continues to illuminate the nocturnal path. In fact, it is the return to quiet – removing the noise of the city and obligations of day-to-day life. It is where I can focus and gaze upon this internal flame and prepare for the next day. For in the morning the sun ignites the new.