June 16th 2007

The reason for the dinner party was simply to get old friends together and make new ones. Since I had been traveling for work most of this year, I have not been able to see most of my friends. In addition, I just wanted to throw an all out major dinner to welcome the start of summer ’07 (big things are going down this summer!). So I partnered with my dear friends, Juliette and Camille Acker. As they opened up their home and backyard, the sky opened up and poured down a nice bit of rain.

Once the rain delay was over, we got the grill together, opened up some bottles of wine, and proceeded to welcome a crowd of 30+ during the night. For me, the highlight of the night was that my mom flew in, helped me in the kitchen and on the grill. According to the guests, the stand-out items on the menu were the KC styled Beef Brisket coupled with my Pomegranate and Habanero BBQ sauce and non-skewered Lamb Kofta kebobs.