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    Street Food with Marcus Samuelsson

    Street Food with Marcus Samuelsson

      Even before I recognized Samuelsson in the title of the restaurant I was drown. Perhaps it was the stainless steel exterior with a red-pink graffiti style “Street Food” or the 46” LCD monitors displaying a dynamic menu and photos of the food – a fast food thing throughout Stockholm. Just off one of the...

    Cornell Style BBQ Chicken, the start

    A Memorial day weekend lead us upstate; me, the wife, and baby in a car.  One memorable experiences was hitting PJ’s barbecue in Sarasota Springs. We noticed it off the highway as  we pulled into town around 9pm. After checking in to our hotel and with an empty stomachs, we headed back to 50’s car hop styled...

    We Got the Beets

    The color is brilliant and the flavor is comforting sweet with a hint of earthiness. Now my heart pumps for the deep crimson, purple-red root vegetable. I’m not sure why I did not pay attention to the beet in the past; perhaps it was that I never had it fresh; non-fresh beets from a can...

    Mashed Potatoes, simple love

    Mashed potatoes could be as rustic or luxurious as you want. This version is the bare essentials without a care in the world for fat since heavy cream is the moistening agent for the lowly potato. Click to view the video Mashed Potatoes

    3 Hours in Sao Paulo by Marco Aslan

    Voyage by Marco Aslan

    I want to move. I want to travel. I will take the camera and capture stills and motion picture.

    Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z

    Pick a Point

    This is just a start. A combination of time and space; it is a point

    Barcelona, second time

    This is a simple test of a photo gallery. Welcome to Barcelona

    Next One by Jay-Z

    Barcelona, first time

    The Start did not begin in Barcelona; there was a prelude that contained moving to a new apartment – with a uniquely large NYC kitchen, excavating through a lot of work, and just the day-to-day rigors of urban life. The Start in Barcelona commenced nearly six thousand miles in the States in the city counter...

    Tres De Mayo, a dinner party experience

    This year, the 5th of May arrived on a Monday so this event became a May 3rd joint, a Saturday – hence Tres De Mayo. My good mates, Steve and Anthony (as well as Mike and Kevin) opened up their Williamsburg space for a wonderful party. It was nearly a 12 hour event that started...