This is one of the most supreme downtempo, chill-out records you could ever rotate in your CD player. Dropped back in the last century the end of 1998, it remains one of the best of its genre. The K&D Sessions feels right at home anytime, but is perfect for this hibernation-awaking season; spring rainy days, cool evenings, and new social explorations . For those not into the downtempo groove, I suggest you take a listen, relax, have a glass of wine, perhaps get close to that special someone, and just drift on. The tracks are perfect for various activities; cleaning the apartment, cooking, dinner parties, reading, and especially for those late night seductions.

The K is Peter Kruder and the D is Richard Dorfmeister. The two Vienna men shape, transform, and expand the listener’s aural odyssey. Their work stretches from acid jazz, drum-n-bass, to trip-hop and restructured hip-hop. The grooves are stripped down to the near-naked musical elements from the original artist and reconstructed by K&D, remixed masters. The K&D Sessions contain tracks originally laid by Depeche Mode, William Orbit, Bomb the Bass, Lamb, Roni Size, David Holmes, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, United Future Organization and others.

There is consistence shaped with variety throughout the track listings. The K&D Sessions are much more than a compilation album of various groups and musicians, this record is successful in bridging the style variations of the original creators into a cohesive and brilliant experience that spans two CDs and truly reflect the obvious nature of the remix providing a new perspective from the original material.

Take the slowed down and cocaine induced reworked Rockers Hi Fi – Going Under and continue on with the head-nodding and bass wrapping Aphrodelics Rollin Da Chrome (Wild Motherfucker Dub) and you will realize that this record most definitely belongs in your collection. There is something sensual about the bass line in the Depeche Modes Useless (K & D Session) that was never there in the original. The same thing can be said about the reworked Bone Thugs N Harmonys First of the Month (K & D Session); the duo removed the quick talk and focused this track to a minimalist lounge experience.

From time to time I’ll pull this record off the shelf and it will just stay in the player for days; even weeks. You cannot go wrong with this record. If you dont believe me, then let Madison Avenue sell you on this record. There are at least two tracks on this album (Kruder & Dorfmeister modified) that I am aware of – Trans Fatty Acid (K&D Session) by Lamb and Eastwest (Stoned Together) by Mama Oliver that have been the looped soundtracks for major commercials. So whats good from Madison Avenue must be good for Any Street in Any Town in the US.