Chances are you have this. This is one of those modern, sexy, soul classics records that need to be in your collection; otherwise they will revoke your ghetto pass. The legend is that Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite was conceived during one of those New York City nights; one of his nights. This is a personal favorite; a soundtrack for those magical and occasional NYC night life events that welcomes the morning sun and expands the deep craving for fast food, the wanting for that one girl’s name and number, definitely some aspirin, and eventually longing for the comforts of home.

The Urban Theme, an upbeat instrumental track starts the night. In time, the album’s tempo will shift, get deeper, and seductive. Before we arrive there, Maxwell transforms the first track into the vulnerable and open Welcome. In the very first lyrics, he breaks the expected R&B bravado of explicit and fantasy romance and sets the stage for a very real experience. In his first breath, he tells the world that even his perception of a female encounter was not what he originally thought. Seeking to explain and explore why it did not work out the way he wanted. “You didn’t dig my flow, but you’re still welcome” – simple words with a real life experience. How many times have I said or thought “you’re still welcome” to a beautiful woman because she simply didn’t “dig my flow”? This is the track that plays back in my head.

Maxwell continues with a little Sumthin’ Sumthin’. For even though she may not feel him the first time around, there is always the masculine urge to give another chance for her. The night continues either with the first encounter or with someone that feels the vibe, the groove, and the connection. We continue with Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) and shift gears getting closer to each other. Dancewitme is that mid-tempo groove that compresses your proximity to her. It gets her next to you on the dance floor or against the bar; hands, arms, bodies touching for the first time. If it works out, then take the opportunity back home for a “let’s get more comfortable” experience.

Now this is grown folk business, kids need not open this door – Til The Cops Come Knockin’. If she is down and you can’t make this happen, then you need some help. This is how we physically express our emotions for that thrilling, near supernatural someone. This track is a straight path to the lead up and penetration event – multiple times. Doors are locked and the telephone is turned off for days. After the release and during the calm we are wrapped up in each others arms and with the simply beautiful acoustic gem – Whenever, Wherever, Whatever followed by Lonely’s The Only Company, and Reunion.

By this point, the record has developed into an ultra-chill soundscape. The stories, locations, and timeframes are not limited to a single night or week, but to a moment of time – the time it takes to fall in love with someone; the time it takes to know that she is the one and there is a ring for her. Suitelady (The Proposal Jam) is the track that takes it to that level. Oh, and can I quote, “The smell of she just drives me crazy. Image what the sight of her can do.”

The experience is completed with the Suite Theme (let the record continue, you will be surprised by a short reprise of Til The Cops Come Knockin’ instrumental at the very end). Sprinkled with whispered, suggestive voices in a lover’s ears and a sexy lyrical jazz horn, this track begs her “don’t leave, hang a little while longer”. This is the music sound to a scene when her lingerie is still on the floor; the blinds successfully block the encroaching sunlight, the couple is completely spent, sore, and wanting more.

Rediscover Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite and come correct.