Martini Thoughts

Why is the glass empty

It’s good to come back home. Some how things are slightly different; a different taste. Oh yes, it is the gin martini. Well we know that’s a false statement since a true martini is made with gin and saying “gin” martini is like saying wet water. For years I’ve fancied the vodka martini, but now I’m taking sips of the botanical distillation – gin. Specifically, when it is powered by Bombay Sapphire. So I correctly ask for it by name – A Bombay Sapphire Martini.

I’ve sampled Bombay Sapphire many times prior to my newfound discovery. Usually it’s been combined with tonic to create the easily accessible Sapphire and Tonic. It’s a safe and yet subtly stimulating cocktail. Safe in fact that it contains water (Tonic), which we all know is a good thing when we experience the “spirits”. It’s stimulating since its alcohol volume is a bit higher than traditional vodka. Anyway, the Sapphire and Tonic, a drink that was introduce to me by Steve Maya, has co-existed with my vodka martinis history but of course not in the same night. That’s suicide! Pick one spirit base and stick with it throughout the night.

So I’m learning about gin. I make sure that I mention Bombay Sapphire primarily for the fact it is different than the standard Bombay gin. The Sapphire is superior, has more character and of course is top shelf. I have not the experience to fully compare or really appreciate the other quality gins out there, but I do know that Sapphire is special. I know it is high quality but I must admit the bottle design (even the website) and the marketing campaigns have also impressed me, but it really comes down to taste. It is soft and clean on the front of the mouth, has more complexities on the back, and an fragrance that softly fades away as it goes down you throat.

What is gin all about? Well it’s distilled from grain and infused with juniper berries. The berry infusion is not the same as the flavored vodka so the actual spirit is a product of the distillation and infusion process and thus has a cleaner and subtler taste and aroma. The Sapphire infusion contains:

  • Almonds from Spain
  • Lemon Peel from Spain
  • Liquorice from China
  • Juniper Berries from Italy
  • Orris (Iris root) from Italy
  • Angelica (root) from Saxony
  • Coriander (seeds) from Morocco
  • Cassia Bark From Indochina
  • Cubeb Berries from Java
  • Grains of Paradise from West Africa

And all this comes together to form a potent and brilliant tasting spirit and the base of a wonderful cocktail. So what about this “panty remover”? Well I don’t have qualitative experience on this; however, I do have sources – manly female – that have informed me that gin – specifically Sapphire makes removing undergarments quite easy. I imagine it could work on both sexes so take note and you may want to stock up on a bottle (or two). I’m sure that it is because its taste is not of alcohol and thereby can “seek” up on you later on that night. Perhaps this calls for an experiment but I digress.

So if you’re up for the challenge, I firmly recommend you wrap your fingers around a Bombay Sapphire martini. I’m partial for the lemon twist – since it feels cleaner and helps to bring out the aromatic elements from the Sapphire distillation and infusion process. Plus, I’m kind of burnt out on the olives. But whatever you do, enjoy it, and be warned you may be naked by the end of the night.